RedMax TRZ230S Trimmer


The RedMax TRZ230S trimmer is perfect for both homeowners and commercial contractors. Its light weight makes it highly portable for any landscaping job. And with a Strato-Charged engine, it delivers powerful performance with improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Introducing the RedMax TRZ230S Trimmer, a powerful performer perfect for both homeowners and commercial contractors. With a 22.5 cc engine and 0.94 horsepower, this trimmer is extra portable for landscaping use, while its Strato-Charged engine ensures up to 20% better fuel economy, increased torque and improved emissions. With a steel drive shaft and 7-point splined engagement, this trimmer is durable and accelerates quickly. The TRZ230S is the perfect tool for tackling any job with ease, while remaining light and portable for your convenience. Trust in RedMax and the TRZ230S to get the job done right, every time.

Strato-ChargedĀ® Engine

Strato-ChargedĀ® Engine

Strato-ChargedĀ® engine is a pure 2-stroke engine without using a catalytic converter.