RedMax HEZ230F


Introducing the RedMax HEZ230F Edger – a commercial-grade edger that delivers exceptional performance with its STRATO CHARGED® engine technology. Its MaxTorque cutting technology prevents stalling and the open-face aluminum guard prevents clogging, making it tough enough to tackle any terrain. This lightweight edger is easy and comfortable to use, with vibration dampening technology and a virtually-indestructible trigger. Its compact design makes it ideal for commercial and residential use, while its two-year commercial warranty ensures you have a reliable and durable landscaping tool.

The RedMax HEZ230F edger is the perfect tool to give your lawn a professional look. With its lightweight design of just 14 pounds, you can easily move around and reach tight spaces with its tube length of 59.055 inches.

Powered by a 22.5 cm³ engine that can deliver up to 0.94 horsepower at a maximum speed of 8500 rpm, the RedMax HEZ230F is up for any challenging edging tasks. Its fuel tank volume of 21.64 fluid ounces ensures that you can work for longer periods without refueling.

Designed for both professional landscapers and homeowners alike, the RedMax HEZ230F edger boasts an idling speed of 3000 rpm and a spark plug made by NGK BPMR8Y. With a tube diameter of 0.94 inches and an open-face aluminum guard, clogging is not an issue, and you can expect a smooth and efficient performance every time.

So whether you’re looking to elevate the appearance of your lawn or maintain your commercial landscaping business, the RedMax HEZ230F edger is the perfect choice. It is built to last and comes with a full two-year commercial warranty. Get your hands on the RedMax HEZ230F edger and take your lawn edging game to the next level!

Weight (excl. cutting equipment)

14 lbs

Tube length

59.055 in

Tube diameter

0.94 in

Cylinder displacement

22.5 cm³

Power output

0.94 hp

Maximum power speed

8500 rpm

Fuel tank volume

21.64 fl oz

Fuel consumption

450 g/kWh

Idling speed

3000 rpm

Spark plug