RedMax EBZ7500


The RedMax EBZ7500 backpack blower is a high-performance machine, designed for commercial operators who need the best. With a powerful 65.6 cc Strato-Charged engine, this blower produces a maximum air speed of 236 MPH with a tube air flow approaching 770 CFM. The Max Cooled back pad keeps operators cool and comfortable during hot days, while the frame mounted throttle ensures extra durability and eliminates downtime due to damaged cables. For unmatched performance, choose the RedMax EBZ7500 backpack blower.

As a commercial operator, you want a power blower that’s both efficient and effective. Look no further than the RedMax EBZ7500 backpack blower. It’s the industry leader in terms of selection and performance, and for good reason.

The EBZ7500 features a Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine that provides ultra-low emissions without sacrificing power. With a 65.6 cc displacement and 3.9 horsepower, this blower delivers a maximum air speed of 236 MPH and tube air flow approaching 770 CFM. It’s perfect for clearing even the largest areas in no time.

And let’s not forget about your comfort. The Max Cooled back pad uses air sucked by the fan housing to cool you off on hot days. The wide straps and contoured back pad are oversized for maximum comfort.

But we know you also need a blower that’s built to last. That’s why the EBZ7500 is equipped with a frame mounted throttle, which virtually eliminates downtime due to damaged cables.

When it comes to specs, this backpack blower has it all. With 972 CFM of air flow in housing and 768 CFM in pipe, the EBZ7500 delivers a blowing force of 37 N. It weighs 23.4 lbs and is 14 inches in length with a tube diameter of 2.83 inches.

The engine has a cylinder displacement of 65.6 cm³ and a power output of 3.75 horsepower. It reaches a maximum power speed of 7200 RPM and has a fuel tank volume of 71.01 fl oz. The idling speed is 2000 RPM, and the spark plug is an NGK CMR7H with an electrode gap of 0.03 inches. Fuel consumption is 413 g/kWh.

In terms of sound and noise, the RedMax EBZ7500 has a sound power level of 112 dB(A) and a sound pressure level of 103 dB(A) at the operator’s ear.

Overall, the RedMax EBZ7500 backpack blower is the perfect choice for any commercial operator. With its impressive power, comfort features, and durability, it’s sure to make your work a breeze.

Air flow in housing

972 cfm

Air flow in pipe

768 cfm

Air speed (flat nozzle)

202 mph

Air speed (round nozzle)

236 mph

Blowing Force

37 N


23.4 lbs

Product size length

14 in

Tube diameter

2.83 in

Cylinder displacement

65.6 cm³

Power output

3.75 hp

Maximum power speed

7200 rpm

Fuel tank volume

71.01 fl oz

Idling speed

2000 rpm

Electrode gap

0.03 in

Spark plug


Fuel consumption

413 g/kWh

Sound power level, measured

112 dB(A)

Sound pressure level at operators ear

103 dB(A)